Client Transparency

Tools for clientele

  • Online booking access 24/7​
  • Booking transparency​
  • Instant Communications
  • Brand Education trainings
  • Instant reports
  • Export events to calendar
  • Recap visibility
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“When Complete Activation was originally created, it relieved 6 internal positions. This increased profit and lowered overhead. This has allowed me to spend more time in the field, with my clients and my team, increasing results and growing brand awareness. Since conception I have added 5 updates to grow the capabilities, streamline workflow and provide open communication covering all details. It has been an amazing experience, creating solutions to provide ease. Not only to the company but to the team as well. I am humbled to be able to share this with other Agency owners, to assist in their productivity and increasing their bottom line.”
Current Customer, Agency Owner & Creator 
“Complete Activation has made getting information for available events easily available. I love that once I sign up for an event it is removed from the available list and I don’t have to worry about whether I already signed up for the event. The application tells me how many events are available and how many I am signed up for on my home page.  This is a great feature that helps with tracking when new events are added. As an Administrator, it is an easy process to add events and enroll models for events. I would recommend this application to people with all ranges of technology experience.”
Mo, Current Talent user
“The software is extremely streamlined! It makes it easy for me to see what events are available to me, shows all the details and I can even track my event history. I can update my photos to stay current as well as, my availability and contact info, I can also see all my team members and their contact info to organize items prior to our event. It makes me feel like I’m a part of a team, I like that everything is in one place.”
Cayla, Current Talent user